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Labor Day 2013   James Rivord | 8/31/2013

Hello MUM members,

It has been a while since you have heard anything from me, and that is not intentional. Well, it is kind of intentional, since there has not been much to talk about in the last four weeks.

On August 8, there was the Highway 60 run. I have heard reports that this was an excellent event and attended well.

The next event on the calendar is the Wheels and Wings Show in Osceola, WI. This is a really great event to attend because there is so much to see. Shine up your Mini and bring it to the event. If you want to arrive as a group, there is a plan to meet in the parking lot of the Square Peg early that day. Go to the web site at http://www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/events/view.aspx?Eventid=135 for all the details. If you are planning on attending, go to the Facebook event and indicate that you will be attending. As of this writing there are 13 maybes. If we had 13 cars, that would be AWSOM! There are a lot of cars at this event, so it will work best to arrive as a group if possible.

The following weekend is another run to Wisconsin starting in Hastings. The roads in that area are really fun to drive. For complete details go to http://www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/events/view.aspx?eventID=139.

Coming up on October 17 is the 2013 Fall Foliage Foray into the Far Far Forest of Badger Camp in Prairie Du Chein WI. This is a spectacular event and Rob has done a great job organizing this every year. It is also a great value for the money. For all the details and to register go to http://www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/events/view.aspx?Eventid=130.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day is to celebrate "the strength and spirit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" in this country. All of us work very hard, so remember to play hard as well. This is Labor Day weekend, be safe and take time to smell the crank-case oil.

Jim R.

August 2013 Update   James Rivord | 8/5/2013

Hello MUM Members

Congratulations again to everyone that made it to Minis on the Mac. It was a really good try.

I wanted to remind everyone that this Saturday is the Highway 60 Run. The weather looks like is going to be excellent for the run. The run will start from Motorwerks at 7:30am. If you have any questions make sure and check out the web site at “http://www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/events/view.aspx?Eventid=134”.

The next event after that will be the Wheels & Wings car show on September 7th. Keep an eye on the website for additional details as the event gets closer.

There will be another Wisconsin run on September 14th if you miss the one this Saturday. That one will start at 9:00 am.

October 10th will be the Fall Foliage Foray into the Far Far Forest. This event is an excellent deal and is a load of fun.

Remember to add photos to the Facebook or Google+ pages for the events. Share the fun and excitement!

That’s about it for this message. Motor On!

Jim R.

Event Information   James Rivord | 7/16/2013

Hello MUM members

As many of you know, the weekend of August 3rd is the Minis on the Mack. I want to pass on the Facebook post by Charlie W.

“Hello group anyone that is going to the MINIs on the Mack AUG 2nd we are going to meet at Motorwerks MINI at 6:30 on 7/17, Wednesday, for a drivers meeting get phone numbers meet and put a name with the face and also map out routes for us to take , some of us will caravan others will meet us in Michigan , I will get MINI to provide dinner as well that night , I will have a spread sheet for names and email and car info so we can have contact info if anyone gets in a pickle while on the road , Let me know if you’re coming so - can get a head count for dinner Thanks and hope to see you all here Wednesday ! Charlie”.

The next event coming up is the Highway 60 run lead by Ron W. This event will leave from Motorwerks at 9:30 am on August 10th. This was a very highly rated event last year.

The next event will be the Wheels and Wings car show on September 7th.

And then, summer is done and we look forward to the fall foliage run.

Happy motoring

Jim R.


Summer 2013 Update   James Rivord | 6/19/2013

Hello MUM Members

Summer has finally decided to make it to Minnesota. We have had the New London to New Brighton on June 1. We have had the Heritage Day Parade on June 15. Both of the events went off very well. The next scheduled event is going to be the Highway 60 run. This event was scheduled for August 3 to coincide with the Cars & Coffee British event at the AutoMotorWorks. We are going to move the Highway 60 run to the following weekend.

An event of biblical proportions is happening that weekend. It is called Minis on the Mac. You can find details on their Facebook page (“https://www.facebook.com/events/521093454613906/”). Basically they want to break the Guinness world record for the largest parade of Mini’s, and they want to do it over the bridge! The plan is to leave on Friday, August 2 for a nine hour drive to St. Ignace overland. Attend the event on Saturday. On Sunday, drive back via the ferry that crosses Lake Michigan (thirteen hours). This is being coordinated by Rob Mahaney. If you are interested in going, please send him a mail message to get the details.

Because of the Highway 60 run not being tied to the event at AutoMotorWorks, the start point will be moved. There will be details before the event as to where and when the event will start.

There is nothing specific planned until these two events, so get out and enjoy the Minnesota summer before it starts snowing again.

Jim Rivord


MUM Events   James Rivord | 5/29/2013

Hello MUM Members

The New London to New Brighton is this weekend! If you have not signed up, you should do it now at “http://www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/events/view.aspx?Eventid=129”. It is always a great time. It is even supposed to stop raining by then! I will believe it when I see it.

The next event that is coming up after that is the Heritage Day Parade in Fairbault. MUM has been part of this parade since 2008. It is not difficult and the kids love seeing the Mini’s. I never fail to have a smile on my face. Please see the details on the web site at “http://www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/events/view.aspx?Eventid=133”.

One other thing that I should mention is that the last notice that I sent out had some of the messages “stuck” in my outgoing queue for some reason. I will make sure and keep an eye on it this time.

Happy motoring

Jim Rivord


InterMarque Sprint Kick-off   James Rivord | 5/10/2013


Hello MUM members.

I just wanted to remind you about the InterMarque Spring Kick-off being held this Saturday in downtown Osseo. This is not a MUM event, but we are always welcome. If you have a classic Mini, you will fit right in. If you have a new MINI, there will be a place to park as well. Now we just have to hope that it doesn't snow.

Jim R.

2013 Update   James Rivord | 4/14/2013


Hello MUM members

It has been a while since we talked. With the ten feet of snow outside, it got me thinking about summer.

The board has finalized the MUM events for the year. The web site, Facebook, and Google+ have been updated with the details. Take a look at the upcoming events and see if any of them fit into your schedule. Summer is a busy time for most people and we hope that you are able to make it to some of the events this year.

It is time to renew your membership with the club. This is a voluntary donation or $10 to help the club bring you the events throughout the year. You have two options to pay. You can send a check by snail mail to; Rob Mahaney, 3919 Meadow View Ln, Elko MN 55020. You can also pay electronically using the web site. Login at www.MinnesotaUnitedMinis.com, select “Membership” from the menu on the top, select “My Details”, scroll to the bottom for the “Membership Status” portion of the page. From that point on it should be clear. Thank you for helping to support the club.

As a reminder, Rob also updated the statement about what the club is all about. I will leave you with his fine words today.

This group is dedicated to the preservation of Motoring in Minnesota (and surrounding areas/states). Not exclusively, Mini owners gather near the Twin Cities to exchange stories, photos and laughs. The car is what brings us together, a simple similarity between complete strangers.

M.U.M. is an independent Twin Cities-based Mini motoring enthusiast club. Members meet socially for both informal gatherings and planned events throughout the year, sharing information and ideas, exchanging stories and photos. The group is in contact with similar organization both domestically and internationally to turn our shared affinity for a fun little car into an entertaining and educational hobby.

The car is what brings us together, a simple similarity between complete strangers. But once Mini enthusiasts congregate, it’s as if we’ve known each other all along.

Rob Mahaney


JDRF Sponsor Form   James Rivord | 5/9/2011

To download the JDRF Sponsor form, click on the www.minnesotaunitedminis.com/Documents/JDFSponsor.pdf form.

The domain mini-sota.com comes here   James Rivord | 4/21/2011

In an effort to combine MMPEAPSHA and SotaMINIs, the domain mini-sota.com is now pointing to this site.

I have a idea for Fund raiser - MINIs for MINIs (horses that is)   Rob Mahaney | 2/3/2011

My wife and I have just started to look at adopting some miniature horses and I thought this would be a great event.  Let me know what you think?

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