Minnesota United Minis



2013 Update
James Rivord | 4/14/2013


Hello MUM members

It has been a while since we talked. With the ten feet of snow outside, it got me thinking about summer.

The board has finalized the MUM events for the year. The web site, Facebook, and Google+ have been updated with the details. Take a look at the upcoming events and see if any of them fit into your schedule. Summer is a busy time for most people and we hope that you are able to make it to some of the events this year.

It is time to renew your membership with the club. This is a voluntary donation or $10 to help the club bring you the events throughout the year. You have two options to pay. You can send a check by snail mail to; Rob Mahaney, 3919 Meadow View Ln, Elko MN 55020. You can also pay electronically using the web site. Login at www.MinnesotaUnitedMinis.com, select “Membership” from the menu on the top, select “My Details”, scroll to the bottom for the “Membership Status” portion of the page. From that point on it should be clear. Thank you for helping to support the club.

As a reminder, Rob also updated the statement about what the club is all about. I will leave you with his fine words today.

This group is dedicated to the preservation of Motoring in Minnesota (and surrounding areas/states). Not exclusively, Mini owners gather near the Twin Cities to exchange stories, photos and laughs. The car is what brings us together, a simple similarity between complete strangers.

M.U.M. is an independent Twin Cities-based Mini motoring enthusiast club. Members meet socially for both informal gatherings and planned events throughout the year, sharing information and ideas, exchanging stories and photos. The group is in contact with similar organization both domestically and internationally to turn our shared affinity for a fun little car into an entertaining and educational hobby.

The car is what brings us together, a simple similarity between complete strangers. But once Mini enthusiasts congregate, it’s as if we’ve known each other all along.

Rob Mahaney