Minnesota United Minis



Summer 2013 Update
James Rivord | 6/19/2013

Hello MUM Members

Summer has finally decided to make it to Minnesota. We have had the New London to New Brighton on June 1. We have had the Heritage Day Parade on June 15. Both of the events went off very well. The next scheduled event is going to be the Highway 60 run. This event was scheduled for August 3 to coincide with the Cars & Coffee British event at the AutoMotorWorks. We are going to move the Highway 60 run to the following weekend.

An event of biblical proportions is happening that weekend. It is called Minis on the Mac. You can find details on their Facebook page (“https://www.facebook.com/events/521093454613906/”). Basically they want to break the Guinness world record for the largest parade of Mini’s, and they want to do it over the bridge! The plan is to leave on Friday, August 2 for a nine hour drive to St. Ignace overland. Attend the event on Saturday. On Sunday, drive back via the ferry that crosses Lake Michigan (thirteen hours). This is being coordinated by Rob Mahaney. If you are interested in going, please send him a mail message to get the details.

Because of the Highway 60 run not being tied to the event at AutoMotorWorks, the start point will be moved. There will be details before the event as to where and when the event will start.

There is nothing specific planned until these two events, so get out and enjoy the Minnesota summer before it starts snowing again.

Jim Rivord